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Below are the services we can offer  you.


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Iron Bacteria Removal

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Iron build up in pipework not only reduces the flow capacity of the pipe but it also increases the cost of pumping significantly  because it changes the way the water flows. A small reduction in pipe diameter can result in a 10% or greater increase in pumping costs.

We can help you remove it and provide ongoing treatments.

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Stain Removal

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Pipe Cleaning

Treatment Systems

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We have a number of chemical treatment systems available to treat your bore and pipeline systems to minimise bore staining and also iron build up in your bore and pump.

    In the above photo you can see the chemical cleaning a domestic bore installation.

Well Cleaning

Most of the iron problems start in your bore. We can give your bore a clean improving water inflow and decreasing the chance of damage to your costly submersible pump. Once clean we can offer you a bore treatment system to inject chemical while the bore runs, reducing staining and iron build up.

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Needing a new pipeline installed? Sometimes the integrity of a pipeline is so poor that the only viable option is to replace it with a new line.

 We can mirror an existing pipeline or upgrade the size to increase flows as per customer requirements.

Pipeline Installation

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Are you having trouble with your bore system. We can install new bore pumps and replace burnt out pumps under fusion for insurance. 

We can service and install domestic, commercial and agricultural systems depending on customer requirements.

Bore Services


  • Pipeline maintenance programmes.


  • Borefield maintenance programmes.


  • Chemical and fertiliser injection systems.


  • Irrigation design and installation.


  • Pipeline scale removal.


  • High pressure cleaning


  • Pipeline waterjetting

Those unsightly brown stains left behind from your bore water can be easily removed, even on sensitive, painted areas. We can remove stains and seal areas or just give your driveway and footpaths a clean using our high pressure cleaner.  

Statewide has designed and tested an automated pumping system to conduct chemical cleaning of pipes where there are long runs of pipe to be cleaned. For best results a combination of a chemical wash and a mechanical clean can restore pipes to near new condition

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