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Below are the photos of recent pipe cleaning contracts and the results we can achieve for you.



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Australind SHS

The iron build up in the ring main of the Australind SHS irrigation system resulted in extremely low pressures at the sprinklers and dead patches on the lawn areas.

The internal reduction was greater than 50% of the original diameter placing undue pressure on the bore pump and severely reducing flowrates at the sprinklers throughout the whole system.

Results - Australind

Statewide conducted what we call a combination clean on the ring main, using 3 different cleaning techniques.

The above photo is the result of the combination clean, restoring it to a clean white pipe of original diameter and no residual iron staining at all.

LKCC Pipe Clean

This extremely thick iron build up in a transfer line at LKCC was blasted free from the line then pigged to push the debris from the line. The flow increased an amazing 230% from 18000 to 42000 litres per hour once cleaned and reinstated.

See our case studies page for more information.

Blocked Irrigation?

Do you have low pressure at your sprinklers?

If you have iron in your water and staining on your walls, over time the iron may have built up in you irrigation lines  causing major restrictions like in the 25mm line above.

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Why Clean Your Pipelines? The Answer Is Simple. Clean Pipelines Save You Money!

Why do you need to get pipelines cleaned?

From the photo on the left you can see how the build up in the pipe has reduced the internal diameter of the pipe.

Doesn't look that bad  really one might say, but that is not all that is going on.

Have a look at the roughness of the build up.

  Not only has the pipe been reduced in size the internal roughness has increased dramatically and this changes the way the water flows through the pipe making it harder for your pump to push the same amount of water through the line.

When you put a dollar value on the problem it is quite simple, CLEAN PIPES SAVE YOU MONEY.

A quick example. LKCC was running the pump for 20hrs a day to meet their required water needs for their irrigation. Once the lines were clean they were getting 230% more water in the same amount of pumping time. It still costs the same to run the pump, but because they were getting more water the pump only needed to be run for 42% of the time to pump the same amount, about 9hrs in total. Not only does it  save on power costs but also on wear and tear on the pump.