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Case Studies

The following are some of our recent works and the results we have achieved for our clients.


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LKCC Pipe Clean

Statewide Pipecleaning was engaged in conjunction with Waterwell Solutions to clean a 880m transfer line running from one of their bores to their irrigation collector dam. The pipeline was so heavily choked with iron oxide build up  the internal diameter was reduced to 50mm from the original diameter of 104mm, just under  half its original diameter. The pump was delivering a flowrate of 18,000 litres per hour at a pressure of 650kpa  (50kpa over pressure rating of the pipeline) stressing both the pipeline and also the pump.

    Using a form of mechanical cleaning and then pigging the line to remove the build up of Iron oxide, the pipeline was restored to its original diameter. Because Statewide's equipment was compact we were able to work on the side of the fairways so members could continue  their golfing and minimise any disruption, and the need for any major excavation.

    The final flow rate once reinstated was 42,000 litres per hour at a pressure of 300kpa, and flow increase of 230%.

The video is of the debris being pushed from the pipeline using a soft foam pig.

The photos below shows the amount iron oxide build up in the pipe and extent of the blockage.

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Other Contracts

Nedlands CC

Statewide was awarded the tender to clean the lines for Nedlands CC.  The chemical clean  totalled 30km of mains and lateral lines. Using the drawings supplied by the vendor Statewide divided the irrigation system into 18 distinct stages and in conjuction with the council installed isolation valves and injection points for the cleaning process. Using our in-house designed and tested automated pumping system we cleaned the irrigation stage by stage  until completed. The council had a significant reduction in sprinkler blockages and as a result the workload on their irrigation crew also decreased. The total clean took 6 weeks.

Australind SHS

Statewide Pipecleaning conducted a trial clean on a section of ring main on the school's irrigation system to show the vendor our capabilities and indicate what results they would expect to receive from our service. See the before and after photos in our photo gallery to see the results.


The section of pipework in the bottom right hand photo was a piece removed from a 150mm transfer line that was feeding a centre pivot irrigator on a farm in Gingin. The line was progressively pigged and chemically washed returning the line to its original nominal bore and increasing flow to the irrigator.


Auto Pumping System

Gingin farm pipework